The English Program (EP) is a study program of Khon Kaen Wittayayon School, Muang, Khon Kaen Province, approved by the Ministry of Education to provide a curriculum of academic courses mainly in English.  The purpose of the program is to prepare and improve the students’ knowledge of and proficiency in English together with academic knowledge, which will lead this group of students to be accepted at the international level and will enable them to further develop themselves and compete at the international level in the future.


To provide a learning program with standards focusing on the knowledge, potential, and morals of the students, using advanced and modern teaching materials within the learning environment.


  1. We will develop students to be good citizens, have knowledge and fulfill their potential–as well as be happy–in accordance with the philosophy of the nation’s learning program.
  2. We will provide learning by emphasizing the usage of English as the language of instruction in nearly every class.
  3. We will prioritize students in the learning process.
  4. We will develop and encourage the use technology and innovative media as the teaching materials.
  5. We will develop teachers and program staff intellectually and professionally to achieve better results.
  6. We will develop and encourage students to have the knowledge and ability to be able to compete with other educational institutions.
  7. We will focus on learning with the participation of the school, parents, and community.
  8. We will improve the working environment of our teaching staff and the learning environment of our students as appropriate.